Sash windows

Arched Sliding Sash Windows

Arched structures always reminds us of the elegant architecture of old castles or museums of the past. Providentially, with a big variety of materials and advanced technologies, the unquestionable beauty of arched sliding sash windows can be a part of your home.
Arched timber sash windows (also known as radius windows) have many benefits to be mentioned. First of all, usually Arched Sash windows are much taller or wider than regular windows, which means your house will get more natural light in. Secondly, their special shape will make your rooms look optically larger and will instantly give to the house a particular feel. Although, arched sliding sash windows can be suitable not only for living rooms as it is usual. You can also install them in bathrooms, bedrooms or even in the kitchen. They will be a focal point of your room.
Bring the elegance to your home with arched sliding timber sash windows!

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