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The architecture of the house plays the biggest role in leaving an impression on peoples mind. There are many options about which you should consider in order to give your property that final look of elegance. Wooden windows and doors should be also included into that consideration while they are one of the most important visual elements of the building.
Wooden Sash windows and French doors are offered by many companies. Heritage Timber Sash Windows is known as the prime supplier and manufacturer for timber sash windows in UK. With decades of experience, many developed projects and satisfied customers they are continuing to be innovative. Whatever your needs are, modern or heritage timber sash windows, you will always find a quality in our products.
Wooden and Timber Sash windows add charm to your home by giving a timeless look. In case your old timber sash window does not function properly anymore, you can always ask for replacement timber sash window that would look exactly the same as the old one. Replacement sash windows London in our company is manufactured only by the best team members and installed carefully with a big attention and thoroughness.
Despite of all, not always Timber sash window replacement is needed. Often people are getting confused with the slight damages which are easy to repair. Before making a decision we recommend you to get a consultation with our specialist. Our experienced team members can identify the problem and consult about the next steps as well.
Our company offers only the best quality products which guarantees a long and reliable service and expert Timber Sash windows installation. Each Timber Sash window we make is discreetly branded by the team responsible for producing it. The brand is the last element of manufacture and is only applied after every possible check has been made that your Timber Sash windows are fit to represent our well skilled craftsman that made them. We do not take this lightly: we have pride in the Timber Sash windows we do manufacture and will do nothing to jeopardize our well-earned reputation in the UK as Lithuania`s best Timber Sash window manufacturers.

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