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Benefits of Timber Sash Windows

The popularity of uPVC windows and doors has increased in the past years. In general they do have an attractive cost-benefit ratio, do require almost no maintenance, do not rot like wood and do not require painting. These are great benefits, but Timber Sash windows and French doors have been used for the renewal of windows and doors in properties already for many centuries, so there must be very good reasons for this.

First, Timber Sash windows are made of a environmentally friendly and sustainable raw material; other than uPVC which has a very questionable ecological balance. Wood is regrowing, durable, and attractive with its own unique structure for every Timber Sash window. Fully treated Timber Sash windows can provide durability for up to 35 years, many years longer than uPVC windows.

Unlike uPVC windows, Timber Sash windows can be easily repaired and maintained. If made according the newest joinery technologies, treated with microporous primer and paint products, equipped with modern weatherproofing systems and glazed with double or triple glazing, Timber Sash windows will stand up greatly against the elements.

Overall, if you calculate all the benefits of Timber Sash windows like the lifespan, durability, maintenance, energy efficiency and all the other additional options that Timber Sash windows do provide, you will come to the conclusion that the costs of uPVC and Timber Sash windows are eventually almost the same.

Timber Sash windows and French doors are the better long term investment!

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