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The entry is a focal point of a house. And the front door is the first thing we see when we arrive and the last thing we touch when we leave. So there is no surprise that many house owners still like their front, external doors, made from wood.

Wooden external doors do offer much more design options than steel or uPVC external doors could ever do. Wooden external doors can be manufactured according to custom shapes and sizes, incorporating a big choice of moulding profiles, glazing options, carvings or differennt panel configurations.

Entrance doors made from solid wood are less affected by the elements. For example, pine external doors are relatively stable, light in weight and colour; Oak external doors are naturally stable, rot-resistant and heavy; alder is a good choice for rustic external doors – it has a fairly straight grain and a natural cherry like hue. There are numerous species of timber to choose from. Mainly it is a question of level of required durability and the available budget.

Another important point of consideration before purchasing wooden external doors or entrance door is the style of a house. If you own a Georgian era house, your external doors should be with six panels without glass. Victorian era house external doors often have a single pane or leaded glass in their tops and mouldings below. Contemporary external doors usually are marked by clean horizontal lines in order to match exterior.

After all, your new external doors or entrance door should deliver highest performance, require low maintenance and offer highest functionality. Stork Sash Windows Ltd offers a large choice of timber external doors and entry doors that are suitable for both period or contemporary houses.

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