Sash windows

Heritage Timber Sash Windows

The importance of old windows can be explained in many ways. First of all, windows are one of the most important components in recognizing building‘s character as the window design is closely related to the evolution of architectural styles.
Secondly, they can be a great assistance in dating buildings as the window design evolved over the centuries (framing materials, technological advances in the manufacturing of glass, ect.)
Nowadays people still appreciate their functional and authentical contribution to the house. However, old timber sash windows require a big attention because if they are not repaired or replaced, they can strongly effect your energy bills and house security. The most common and easier solution to fix this problem is to replace old timber windows into new ones.
Replacing old windows is advisable for many reasons. First of all, if required, your new windows can look exactly the same as the old ones. Secondly, it‘s energy efficient. Your house will not lose the heat and will not let in the cold. Thirdly, new heritage windows made with modern technologies last longer. And last but not least thing to mention: often the costs of restored windows are more or less the same as of replacement windows.


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