Sash window fitter London

Timber Sash windows, as all components of property, are made to work for your convenience. A Timber Sash window should be designed and installed by a professional Timber Sash window fitter or installer in such way that they could stand the test of time. Unfortunately, no matter how well Timber Sash Windows are built, wrong installed Timber Sash Windows will not perform efficiently and won’t last as long as they should. Getting the best Timber Sash window fitters who have experience is a must.
Understanding that Timber Sash Windows installation is playing one of the biggest roles in product performance, we as Timber Sash Window fitters in London want our customers to know at least a little bit about this process. Below we have prepared a short and easy to understand description about the main points of well-done fitting.
Timber Sash Window installation process:
• Removing old Timber Sash Windows / preparing the opening.
1) Before removing the old Timber Sash Windows it is needed to ensure that the specification of the replacement units are correct.
2) Your Timber Sash Window installer / fitter should check if the old window is not supporting any part of the building.
3) Old Timber Sash Window should be safely disposed.
• If required, sashes of new Timber Sash Window should be removed.
1) Usually it is recommended to remove sashes while installing the frame – for simpler and safer Timber Sash Windows installation.
• Choosing the right position in opening.
1) Timber Sash Window frame should be solidly inserted into the opening using wedges – to ensure that the frame remains square.
• Any frame components that were supplied separate should be fitted.
1) There can be some single frame components that were supplied separate to allow easier Timber Sash Windows installation. They should now be fixed to the frame.
• Reinstallation of sashes.
1) Now, when the Timber Sash Window frame is in its position, the sashes can be refitted according to the manual instructions.
• Adaptation of the locks and hinges.
1) It is necessary to adapt the locks and hinges correctly – for a long term performance.
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