French door fitters london

Doors, and especially French doors as all components of property, are made to work for your convenience. French doors should be designed and installed by professional French doors UK installers in such way that they could stand the test of time. Unfortunately, no matter how well French doors are built, wrong installed French doors will not perform efficiently and won’t last as long as they should.
Understanding that French doors fitting and installation is playing one of the biggest role in French doors performance, we want that our customers should know at least a little bit about this process. Here we have prepared a short and easy to understand description about the main points of well-done French doors fitting.
French door installation process:
1. First of all, the old French doors frame should be removed carefully, without trim damage.
2. The opening must be checked once again to be sure it’s a perfect square.
3. Now your French doors installer should attach three brackets, slightly under the hinges, to the right side of the door. The same must be done with the left side.
4. Shim blocks should be set on the floor for the French door frame to sit on. It will help in adjusting the top door clearances.
5. Reference line must be matched on the bracket with the plumb line down on the wall.
6. Your fitter must check the center of the French doors clearances and more importantly the top. Adjustments may be needed to raise or lower.
7. Finally, any hardware accompanying the kit must be mounted (doorknobs, latches, etc).