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Beautiful Georgian sash windows

The Georgian period was extremely long. It began in 1714 and ended in 1820, with the beginning of the Regency period. This means there are many stylistic differences in the period itself:

  • 1714 to about 1760 Palladian style
  • 1760 – 1790 Neoclassical style
  • 1790 beginning of Regency

All these styles are characterized in all instances by elegance, proportion and symmetry. Georgian sash windows from the Georgian era usually have the classical arrangement of three panes across by two up on each of two sashes, giving six over six panel Georgian Style Sash Windows. The upper and lower sashes slide vertically in separate grooves, counterbalanced by Sash weights on Pulleys & Cords. Later, as the Georgian Sash window manufacturing process progressed, the Sash weights have been replaced by Springs (Spiral balances). Hence, for the enthusiasts of traditional Sash window appearance and Sash window operations the traditional Box Sash Windows balanced with Weights & Cords are still being manufactured until today.

Sash windows

How to clean your sash windows

Ideally, sash windows should be cleaned twice a year, but it‘s a task most people tend to think of as spring cleaning. When you do clean your sash windows we recommend you don‘t clean your sash windows on a sunny day. This is because the sun will dry the soap on the glass and leave water streaks on your sash windows. To avoid this problem, better choose a cloudy day.

If you‘re using paper towels and glass cleaner for cleaning your sash windows, you are doing it wrong. All that rubbing isn‘t a good idea as you‘re just moving the dirt from one place to another and additionally creating a static charge on the glass, which attracts even more dust and dirt.

To clean the inside of sash windows we recommend a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth. This should be enough because inside sash windows are usually not as dirty as they are on the outside. For outside cleaning of sash windows you should choose a dish washing liquid mixed with water and use sponge. And then simply squeegee the solution off of your sash windows. This is pretty simple and does not lead to lots of dirty paper towels going into your waste bin.

Sash windows

Benefits of Timber Sash Windows

The popularity of uPVC windows and doors has increased in the past years. In general they do have an attractive cost-benefit ratio, do require almost no maintenance, do not rot like wood and do not require painting. These are great benefits, but Timber Sash windows and French doors have been used for the renewal of windows and doors in properties already for many centuries, so there must be very good reasons for this.

First, Timber Sash windows are made of a environmentally friendly and sustainable raw material; other than uPVC which has a very questionable ecological balance. Wood is regrowing, durable, and attractive with its own unique structure for every Timber Sash window. Fully treated Timber Sash windows can provide durability for up to 35 years, many years longer than uPVC windows.

Unlike uPVC windows, Timber Sash windows can be easily repaired and maintained. If made according the newest joinery technologies, treated with microporous primer and paint products, equipped with modern weatherproofing systems and glazed with double or triple glazing, Timber Sash windows will stand up greatly against the elements.

Overall, if you calculate all the benefits of Timber Sash windows like the lifespan, durability, maintenance, energy efficiency and all the other additional options that Timber Sash windows do provide, you will come to the conclusion that the costs of uPVC and Timber Sash windows are eventually almost the same.

Timber Sash windows and French doors are the better long term investment!

Sash windows


The entry is a focal point of a house. And the front door is the first thing we see when we arrive and the last thing we touch when we leave. So there is no surprise that many house owners still like their front, external doors, made from wood.

Wooden external doors do offer much more design options than steel or uPVC external doors could ever do. Wooden external doors can be manufactured according to custom shapes and sizes, incorporating a big choice of moulding profiles, glazing options, carvings or differennt panel configurations.

Entrance doors made from solid wood are less affected by the elements. For example, pine external doors are relatively stable, light in weight and colour; Oak external doors are naturally stable, rot-resistant and heavy; alder is a good choice for rustic external doors – it has a fairly straight grain and a natural cherry like hue. There are numerous species of timber to choose from. Mainly it is a question of level of required durability and the available budget.

Another important point of consideration before purchasing wooden external doors or entrance door is the style of a house. If you own a Georgian era house, your external doors should be with six panels without glass. Victorian era house external doors often have a single pane or leaded glass in their tops and mouldings below. Contemporary external doors usually are marked by clean horizontal lines in order to match exterior.

After all, your new external doors or entrance door should deliver highest performance, require low maintenance and offer highest functionality. Stork Sash Windows Ltd offers a large choice of timber external doors and entry doors that are suitable for both period or contemporary houses.

Casement windows

Advantages of casement windows

A casement window is a type of a window allows for full ventilation from top to bottom of the window opening. When you open a casement window, you swing the entire window open. So if the casement window opening size is important to you, then you should consider of installing this type of window.
Casement windows can be installed as a standalone window unit or used as a part of bay or bow window configuration. This type of window imparts a contemporary style and work well with modern style homes.
Casement windows are one of the most energy efficient windows. When the sash window is closed, it forms a seal around the entire frame, reducing the amount of air flowing between the inside and outside spaces.
Casement windows provide many different designs such as French, prairie grill, colonial grill, flat top, top down grille or no grill at all. You can even choose them to be made from wood, steel, vinyl, aluminum, clad and fiberglass. Not to mention the big pallet of RAL colors and finishes.
For the best heritage windows fitter and casement window installers please contact us at

Sash windows


The architecture of the house plays the biggest role in leaving an impression on peoples mind. There are many options about which you should consider in order to give your property that final look of elegance. Wooden windows and doors should be also included into that consideration while they are one of the most important visual elements of the building.
Wooden Sash windows and French doors are offered by many companies. Heritage Timber Sash Windows is known as the prime supplier and manufacturer for timber sash windows in UK. With decades of experience, many developed projects and satisfied customers they are continuing to be innovative. Whatever your needs are, modern or heritage timber sash windows, you will always find a quality in our products.
Wooden and Timber Sash windows add charm to your home by giving a timeless look. In case your old timber sash window does not function properly anymore, you can always ask for replacement timber sash window that would look exactly the same as the old one. Replacement sash windows London in our company is manufactured only by the best team members and installed carefully with a big attention and thoroughness.
Despite of all, not always Timber sash window replacement is needed. Often people are getting confused with the slight damages which are easy to repair. Before making a decision we recommend you to get a consultation with our specialist. Our experienced team members can identify the problem and consult about the next steps as well.
Our company offers only the best quality products which guarantees a long and reliable service and expert Timber Sash windows installation. Each Timber Sash window we make is discreetly branded by the team responsible for producing it. The brand is the last element of manufacture and is only applied after every possible check has been made that your Timber Sash windows are fit to represent our well skilled craftsman that made them. We do not take this lightly: we have pride in the Timber Sash windows we do manufacture and will do nothing to jeopardize our well-earned reputation in the UK as Lithuania`s best Timber Sash window manufacturers.

Sash windows

French Doors

The history of French door, also known as a French window, turns us back to the 17th Century. At this time Renaissance art and architecture were based on geometry, proportion, symmetry and regularity. These features strongly influenced the design of French doors: construction of individual, single paned pieces of glass with wood divisions that extend for most of its length and usually come in pair, basically like a window. Such construction allowed to use a day light longer and made a quick access to a newly fashionable small balconies.
Over the time, French doors became widely popular because of its multifunctional uses and are produced also today. It is a great choice if you want to open your living area and allow a wide access to your garden or patio. What is more, French doors can be also used as a inside door if you want an open-air look between your rooms.

Sash windows

The Charm Of Sash Windows

Sash windows have been a popular choice of windows for over three centuries. But have you ever wondered what makes them so popular? Why have Sash Windows stood the test of the time and are installed also today? The answer most probably is hidden in their designs and construction.
Today’s technologies allow you to style your sash windows according to your preferences. You can choose the opening functions, patterns of sashes and even add energy efficiency.
It is important to mention, that sash windows don’t go with every style of architecture. Before considering to install them, you should take a look to your house characteristics or have a consultation with professional window manufacturer or architect. Also it is advisable to consider the neighborhood’s style in general.
If you have already decided to have a sash windows installed into your property or have any other questions, please contact us and we will be ready to help you.

Sash windows

Heritage Timber Sash Windows

The importance of old windows can be explained in many ways. First of all, windows are one of the most important components in recognizing building‘s character as the window design is closely related to the evolution of architectural styles.
Secondly, they can be a great assistance in dating buildings as the window design evolved over the centuries (framing materials, technological advances in the manufacturing of glass, ect.)
Nowadays people still appreciate their functional and authentical contribution to the house. However, old timber sash windows require a big attention because if they are not repaired or replaced, they can strongly effect your energy bills and house security. The most common and easier solution to fix this problem is to replace old timber windows into new ones.
Replacing old windows is advisable for many reasons. First of all, if required, your new windows can look exactly the same as the old ones. Secondly, it‘s energy efficient. Your house will not lose the heat and will not let in the cold. Thirdly, new heritage windows made with modern technologies last longer. And last but not least thing to mention: often the costs of restored windows are more or less the same as of replacement windows.


Sash windows

Georgian Style Sash Windows

Georgian style sash windows were one of the most important visual elements in buildings from 1714 till 1830. Georgian Sash Windows were always externally painted, usually off-white or pale stone colours and made from timber: native oak or similar hardwood. Early glazing bars were robust and big, often almost 40 mm thick to protect the fragile glass. Despite of all, the increasing oak usage for shipbuilding coincided with the bigger availability of cheaper softwoods from Baltic states and Scandinavia. So the Georgian Style Sash Windows design evolved: panes became thinner, the width of the glazing bars began to decrease. By the end of the eighteenth century, timber glazing bars were as little as ten millimeters wide.
Georgian Sash Windows which are installed in Georgian style houses, often has the classical arrangement of three panes across by two up on each of two sashes, giving six over six panel Georgian Style Sash Window. The upper and lower sashes slide vertically in separate grooves, counterbalanced by lead weights on cords. Later, as the window manufacturing progressed, the weights have been replaced with springs.